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General Provisions

  13 сентября 2023

1 By connecting to our servers or visiting the official site of the project, you automatically agree with these rules and undertake to comply with them

2 Our project rules are binding for all players, regardless of gender, nationality and religion

3 A player is any person connected to the game server. Administration and privileged players do not differ from the rest - a Player is a Player

4 We have the right to change, add or delete items in the rules at any time. Any changes in the rules will be announced in the Vkontakte group and on the Discord server

5 These rules are valid on all game servers of the project Firelords

6 The administration is not obligated to warn players before issuing a punishment


  13 сентября 2023

1.1 The use of voice-altering programs is prohibited

1.2 Prohibited excessive insulting of players/ Prohibited insulting via "!admins" (Communication with admin)

1.3 Any insulting/mentioning of players' relatives in a bad way is forbidden

1.4 It is forbidden to play music in voice chat

1.5 It is forbidden to violate server quotas (Microphone restriction is written in the name of each server).Exception: Speaking game information, or appropriate behavior

1.6 Spamming into microphone/chat (Shouting, spamming with the same messages)

1.7 It is forbidden to beg anything from players, administration and moderation of the project

1.8 It is forbidden to advertise any servers, sites, services, etc., etc., unless the advertisement is related to the project

1.9 Provocation for violation of the rules (incitement)

1.10 It is forbidden to condemn the actions of administration/moderation on game servers

1.11 It is forbidden to discuss political topics related to wars. It is forbidden to incite interethnic conflicts on the servers. Nationalism is forbidden. It is forbidden to insult players' countries

1.12 Monitoring is forbidden (location disclosure) towards his team

1.13 It is forbidden to mislead the Administration/Moderation of the project

It is forbidden on the servers

  13 сентября 2023

2.1 Use any software that is prohibited by an official Valve developer

2.2 Ignore admins, refuse to take a cheat check (if an admin has called you), refuse to provide account details

2.3 It is forbidden to interfere with normal play (For example: Purposely shooting at him, throwing grenades under his feet, blocking him, intentionally interfering with his shooting)

2.4 Any imitation of the project administration, in nickname, chat, weapon nametag and tab-tag. Use of prefixes, nicknames related to the project's management positions

2.5 Deception/misleading other players (For example: impersonating the Project Administration, selling server privileges, trading, phishing links, and other questionable offers) is prohibited(For example: impersonating Project Administration, selling server privileges, trading, phishing links, and other dubious offers)

2.6 Insult towards the server/project. (Specifically Firelords Project and all of its servers)

2.7 It is forbidden to perform actions that can be characterized as actions that simply result in the loss of game time.

2.8 It is forbidden to have profanity/swear/insults towards other players in your nickname/clan tag/weapon label.

Rules for administration

  13 сентября 2023

3.1 It is forbidden to execute commands on a player without a given reason

3.2 It is forbidden to transfer, resell the account to other people

3.3 When issuing a punishment, you are obliged to tell the player the reason for the violation

3.4 Failure to fulfill your duties as an administrator/moderator is prohibited. You are obliged to punish violators, check a player for cheats, etc.

3.5 It is forbidden to deviate from the basic rules of the project. The rules are applicable to all players of the project, including administration/moderation

3.6 It is forbidden to remove in-game lockouts that have been issued by other administrators

3.7 It is forbidden to insult the administration/moderation towards players/their colleagues (administrators/moderators)

3.8 Administration/moderation is prohibited from revealing the location of players (monitoring), by means of their benefits

Exception script, check web server logs